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We are seeking any and all pieces of radical literature you can spare. Currently, we have a variety of zines and a few books, but we are looking to expand this into an extensive assortment to circulate throughout our community. NO BORDERS is explicitly anarchist, but we’d welcome a variety of radical texts on topics from feminism and queer theory to anti-globalization and critical race theory, etc.

Take a look at the NO BORDERS wishlist. You can purchase items online and have them sent to NO BORDERS or obtain them locally and send them to us yourself.

We also welcome monetary donations. Since we are a voluntary association and not a legal entity, we cannot cash checks in the name of NO BORDERS. If you would like to send money use: cash, gift/prepaid cards, or contact NO BORDERS.

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Donations can be mailed to:
NO BORDERS Collective
PO Box 34745
Louisville KY 40232

New Zines

 Cindy Milstein: Anarchism and Its Aspirations

Taxation Is Not the Answer

Dave Abs (04.28.12)

A few days ago, I submitted my tax documents to the various government agencies that require them. For me, as for many others I’m sure, this process was fraught and scary. It was fraught because I reject the legitimacy of taxation and most of the uses to which the various government agencies put my accumulated abstract labor (i.e. money). It was fraught also because many of my friends support taxation whole-heartedly, and more or less everyone submits to it as an unavoidable evil – much like searches at the airport. The process was scary because I realized I owed more than $1200. I only made a little more than $16,000 last year, working as a part-time instructor at a regional campus of the Indiana University system. I have no idea how I will come up with this money and I fear the networked bureaucracy that will likely attempt to extort a great deal more.


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NO BORDERS Collective
PO Box 34745
Louisville KY 40232